About Me

I am a journalism student at the University of Portsmouth, I also work as a waiter at harvester. I am passionate about writing and get a lot of joy out of someone reading and reacting to my work. I write rather interesting opinion pieces about sport and music as these are my two main interests. I get my views out there through social media platforms and my blog. My goal is to become a sports journalist and write for a successful business like the BBC or Sky.

In my free time, I enjoy playing and watching sports such as cricket, football and rugby as well as listening to music. I am never happier than if I am on a cricket pitch in the sun with friends. Because of this I find it very easy to write about as I am passionate about the subject.

I am hard working and if I am not at university then I am normally working at harvester. I enjoy this because I get to meet a range of new people and interact with customers.