Front of house – Ups and Downs

Well first you have the guests. Some of the things you get called, for just doing your job are hilarious on reflection. When you realise how annoyed that guest must have been in order to call you those things, suddenly the job becomes worthwhile. If you’re a person who seriously gets that angry over someone who is merely doing their job and serving you, then maybe you should stay at home and cook your own food…

Source: Three Gifs and a Baby. Movie: Cocktail (1988)

Then there’s the tips. As a waiter, I know how it feels. You tire yourself out running here, there and everywhere for a table to make their experience the best it can be. You get their food there on time, check everything is okay, are polite and friendly with them and maybe even get talking with them a little bit. You don’t expect much, maybe a couple of pounds. They run up a bill of £200 and they don’t leave you a penny. It does leave a sour taste when you realise that all your work for the past hour was all in vein.

Source: Reddit

Don’t get me wrong though, not all guests are cheap and rude. Some of them actually like to chat, and tell jokes. The same joke that you have heard six times already that day. Maybe the first time it made you chuckle. Second time a polite smile. But by the third time the jokes are normally just meant with a blank face and a “Is that everything for you?”.200-2.gif

Now, whilst all these things are happening, you don’t get a lot of time to think about what you are doing. At peak times, it can get seriously busy and mistakes start to be made. Whether it be by front of house or back of house, quality can suddenly drop. So, when someone makes a mistake, it’s understandable, but this doesn’t mean to say that they can’t get absolutely rinsed for it. On the contrary, if someone does make a mistake, they deserve to pay the consequences. It can get very hot in those restaurants, especially when guests are constantly asking for the air con to be turned off because they are cold when it is 30 degrees outside. So, when you get the light relief of annoying one of your colleagues, seize the opportunity with both hands.

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All in all, you work long hours, you have to put up with all different types of people and you have argument after argument throughout the day. But when you make tips and get to sit in the bar afterwards and spend them all on alcohol, that’s the best part of the job. So, when you go out to dinner and someone is constantly running around and stressing out, just in order to serve you food, when they haven’t slept or eaten in days, tip them. That person needs alcohol after all that stress, and it is your job to fund that.

Source: Buzzfeed



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