Rowling confronts Morgan in Twitter Spat

JK Rowling who has over 10 million followers enjoyed mocking journalist Piers Morgan for his recent altercation with Jim Jefferies on Real Time with Bill Maher.

JK Rowling 9.54.png
Twitter: @jk_rowling

The original tweet shows Rowling enjoying the confrontation that was happening on the show and claiming that the abuse Morgan was receiving was ‘satisfying’.

Piers Morgan 10
Twitter: @piersmorgan
JK Rowling 12.48
Twitter: @jk_rowling
Piers Morgan 12.54
Twitter: @piersmorgan

This was enough to ruffle the feathers or the journalist who quite quickly replied with a personal attack claiming that he had never read Harry Potter. This is not the first-time Morgan has been involved in a twitter spat and it won’t be the last. It just seems he can’t resist an argument.

JK Rowling 12.57
Twitter: @jk_rowling

JK continued her attack Piers with a comment about his beliefs when it comes to the migrant crisis. She may not be a popular journalist but she certainly knows her stuff when it comes to politics.

Piers Morgan 1.06.png
Twitter: @piersmorgan

Not a slouch on twitter himself, Piers then used his extremely successful twitter account to mock not only JK Rowling, but all the remain and Clinton supporters. Say what you want about the man, but when it comes to politics, he really does know how to keep an argument going.

JK Rowling 1.12
Twitter: @jk_rowling
JK Rowling 2.41.png
Twitter: @jk_rowling
Piers Morgan 2.47
Twitter: @piersmorgan

Ultimately in the end, JK turned the argument back to what she is good at, writing. The author claimed that Piers Morgan and other people of similar political views would suffer the same fate as the bullies in Harry Potter. Morgan was always going to have the last word though as claimed that the big bullies are people like Rowling.

In the end, JK handled Piers well. The man is after all known for his views and arguments with other high profile celebs. This is what he does. But JK may have just got the better of the bully this time.

Credit: senior

Piers Morgan’s Twitter

J K Rowling’s Twitter

Who do you think won this argument? Comment below…

Cover photo credit: Rex/Shutterstock



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