The Full Toss Review

The Full Toss is a well established blogging site that covers all aspects of the game of cricket. T20. ODI, Test, this site has got a blog about it and is a very good site for anyone who is interested in cricket.

The sites homepage

The first thing you see when you open the site is this homepage. The layout is very good and makes it easy to access the blogs you want. There are links along the top that give the reader more detail about ‘The Full Toss’ as well as ways to contact them.

The lay out is very good. Not only does it show the title and a picture but it also includes some text. This gives the reader a taste of what the blog entry is about. I do however feel this system could be made even easier by including a search bar. This would then allow the user to locate a specific blog a lot quicker.

This page also includes links to social media and a subscribe button which makes it easier for readers to access more content and no doubt increases views.

One of the latest blog entries on the site

The style of writing is very informal. It offers the opinions of the writer on all subjects surrounding cricket. It outlines the main stories well and offers very interesting opinions in an entertaining way.

I feel that because of the simplicity of the page and the interesting aspects of the writing, this is why it is top of the list of cricket blogs out there. Very entertaining.



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