Stokes and the World Cup Final

I don’t think anyone truly thought England would get to the final of the World T20. Going into it my personal belief was that England wouldn’t even get out of the group stages. But the brilliance of the England team proved everyone wrong. By beating New Zealand by a whopping 7 wickets in the semi finals, the fans started to think that this could be our year. Now it was to the final. The West Indies needed 19 runs off the last over. All Ben Stokes had to do was stop them from getting 19 runs and England would be crowned T20 World Champions. However, an awful over from Stokes and a batting masterclass from Carlos Brathwaite left England distraught and the West Indies running around the pitch in celebration. Is Stokes to blame for the outcome of this game?

West Indies celebrate winning the World Cup

Going into this last over it was unthinkable that anyone could get the 19 runs remaining in just 6 balls, but this was managed in just 4 balls in the end. Stokes was heartbroken, claiming after the game “It was like the whole world had come down on me”. At the time there was anger from the England supporters. many claiming he shouldn’t play for England again. But he came back from it and is playing again for his country. Personally I feel this shows great courage and resilience. Although I do believe he is probably the reason England weren’t crowned world champions, I don’t feel like he needs reminding. He has moved on from that long night in 2015 and so should everyone else.


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