Morgan and Hales – Should they play again?

There was a lot of controversy surrounding England’s tour of Bangladesh. After the terror attack in Dhaka, many players were wary about going there to play cricket. Eoin Morgan and Alex Hales were the only two to rule themselves out of the tour but should these two face consequences?

It must be a great honor to play cricket for your country. But Morgan and Hales had turned down that position. I personally can’t understand why you would ever do that. Having grown up watching cricket, no matter what the dangers are, I would jump at the chance to play cricket for England.

These are two key players. Hales playing cricket across all three formats and Morgan being captain of the ODI team. Despite England having a overall successful tour, I can’t help but think, we could have done considerably better with these two players in the team.

Obviously their families come first in their lives. If something was to happen while on tour, what would happen to them? I’m sure this is the question they were asking themselves while considering their options before this tour.

Personally, I feel a bit let down by two of England’s shining stars. They allowed the rest of the team to go out there and play without them while they selfishly stayed at home, and for this reason, I don’t feel like they should have an easy passage back in to the England side. These two need to prove that they are worthy of pulling on that England shirt and representing this country again.




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