Freddie Flintoff – Why was he so great?

When I think of my first cricketing experiences, one name stands out way more than the rest, Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff. His antics on and off the pitch were the stuff of legend and reported on all over the world.

The first time I watched Freddie play was in the 2005 ashes series. With both bat and ball it was clear to see that the man was a genius. He made the best team in the world at this point, Australia, look like amateurs. Having not really watched cricket before this series I didn’t really know any of the other cricketers, but after this experience, I remembered Freddie.

Freddie Celebrates Bowling Aussie Batsman

It wasn’t just his cricket that caught the eye of the public though. Generally just doing stupidly hilarious things like turning up to 10 Downing Street drunk meant that he captured the hearts of many people in Britain who all wished that they had the opportunity to do the same.

It was no surprise that after his retirement from cricket he moved on to TV shows. His wittiness and Lancastrian twang meant he was a hit and everyone just wanted to see more of him.

Freddie’s Description of Cricket

It wasn’t just his skill on the pitch that made Freddie Flintoff a sporting great. It was the fact that he was the man every bloke in England wanted to be. He had the dream job and the personality that everyone loved. He is one of the biggest cricketing legends that the world will ever know.


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