Trump or Hillary?

With the United States Presidential election approaching rapidly I have decided to take a look at some of the key policies of both the Democrat nominee, Hillary Clinton, and the Republican nominee, Donald Trump.

From what I can see the main issues that Clinton aims to address if she is elected are Free Trade, Health Care and Social security. To me these seem like very internal issues which suggests that Hillary would very much be a president to focus on the issues effecting the American people. Health Care is a big issue as currently the country does not have a free health care like we have here in the UK. This means that people who do not have very much money will find it harder to pay for the right care. Therefore being an issue that will strongly affect all American people, in major cities like her home town of New York, this could be the main reason why people would want to vote for her.

Trump on the other hand seems to focus on issues that are coming from outside The United States. His main policy seems to be the issue of immigration, mainly immigrants travelling across the border from Mexico claiming “We have to build a wall”. This is a very strong statement from Trump and shows to an extent his seriousness about this issue. In the past he has also referred to President Obama as being scared to act on issues such as terrorism. This suggests that Trump will take a very different approach to this issue if elected and will encourage The United States to do more to solve this problem.

Having looked at these in detail I am starting to see that the country, as usual seems, to be split into a north and south divide. This is probably mainly because Hillary’s policies will affect the north more than Trumps policies that are more lightly to effect the South. With the Mexican border so close to home in the Southern states, these people have had to deal with this issue a lot more than those of the North and therefore are more lightly to approve of Trumps ‘radical’ proposals. Likewise, the people in the northern states have had to deal with a lot of crime and poverty in the inner cities which is pretty appalling seen as though America is still an economic superpower. These people will therefore want this to change and are more lightly to vote Hillary.

Personally I’m glad I don’t live in the United States, because I wouldn’t want to vote for either of them.

Below are the sources I used for some of the information on policies for this blog:

Hillary Clinton Policies 

Donald Trump Policies


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