Journalism and Me

For most of my life I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to go into when I grew up. I decided that journalism was the course I wanted to take when I was starting my second year of A-Levels at college. I looked at many different choices and it was a big decision to have to make. I have always done well in English at school and college and enjoyed writing throughout my life. This was one of the main factors that motivated me to choose it as a career.

Another interest of mine is sport. I have enjoyed watching and playing sport throughout my life with my favourite ones being football and cricket. I regularly use social media such as Facebook and Twitter to write about current matters within sport and enjoy listening to other peoples views to further my knowledge. Because of this I feel more confident in my writing because I am writing about something I enjoy and something I am passionate about.

My main ambition for my career is to work for a big sports news company such as SkySports or The BBC. I always keep up with sports news using these two companies and feel it would be an unbelievable opportunity to write for them as well.

After university I would like to use the skills I have learnt and apply them in the work place so I can reach where I want to be.


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