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CaughtOffside is a leading football blog in the UK and covers everything you would ever need to know about the beautiful game. From the Premier League to Seria A and La Liga, this site has all the hot news for any football fans out there.

The website is very well laid out and for this reason is very easy to navigate to find the right post for you. There is a bar at the top of the screen with links to each subject area within football like different teams and leagues. Having all the same type of blogs in one place is very nice because it saves the user searching through waves and waves of blogs to find the one they want.

The style of blogging is constantly changing depending on the subject of the blog. There are serious blogs about big stories within football and then there are not so serious ones like a recent post about how Marcus Rashford can’t use a suitcase. This approach can be very beneficial for the site because it will then appeal to a range of different people and therefore increase the traffic on the posts.

Overall the site is very easy to use and talks about a range of different popular subjects that can interest even the most serious football fan.


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